Archaeological Science Question Time

Thursday 11th April

 Archaeological Science Question Time


The first ever archaeological science question time will be held at the National Museum Cardiff. This event is open to the public and will be a great opportunity to ask all of your burning archaeological science themed questions!

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The panel will be featuring:

Professor Keith Dobney


Job title: Chair in Human Palaeoecology, University of Aberdeen

Special Research interests: All aspects of Bioarchaeology: zooarchaeology, genetics, stable isotopes, geometric morphometrics.

Famous for: Establishing global patterns of pig domestication and the spread of the Neolithic into Europe.

Professor Richard Evershed


Job title: Professor of Biogeochemistry, University of Bristol

Special Research interests: Mass spectrometry in archaeology, particularly lipid residue analysis of ceramics.

Famous for: Advancing bioarchaeological applications of mass spectrometry and dramatically improving our understanding of dairying in the past.

Dr Tamsin O’Connell


Job title: Lecturer in Bioarchaeology, University of Cambridge

Special Research interests: Stable isotope analysis, Palaeodiet, Palaeoclimate.

Famous for: Pioneering new approaches to reconstructing past diets and climates.

Professor Julian Thomas


Job title: Professor of Archaeology, University of Manchester

Special Research interests: Neolithic Europe, Landscape Archaeology, Archaeological Theory, the relationship between archaeology and anthropology.

Famous for: High profile excavations of Neolithic sites in Britain, bold theoretical approaches and a scepticism of archaeological science.

Professor Mark Thomas


Job title: Professor of Evolutionary Genetics, UCL

Special Research interests: ancient DNA, cultural evolutionary modelling, palaeodemography.

Famous for: Tracking population expansions, movements and conflicts using ancient DNA.


Professor Niall Sharples


Job title: Professor of Archaeology, Head of School of History, Archaeology and Religion, Cardiff University.

Special Research interests: Iron Age Britain, the Norse settlement of Scotland, the History of Archaeology

Famous for: The excavation of Maiden Castle and other high profile projects in the Outer Hebrides.

Come along to Archaeological Science Question Time


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